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Thread: Frosty Morning Light

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    Frosty Morning Light

    OK, I'm still getting the hang of posting images on the site so I'll try putting another one up. I got this one Saturday morning as well, but I didn't see any value in it right away. With a little work I think it has something.

    BTW, Walter, the problem I am having viewing images in posts seems to be something to do with my computer at work. I see a clickable dot, but no image. At home the same post has an image. Moral of the story: stop goofing off at work!

    On this image, can you tell me how to get better sharpness in the posted image? The original is good and sharp as is the reduced image before uploading. The image in the post preview has lost a lot of snap. Also the in-post image is rather large even though I gave it a 1000px dimension on the long side.

    Dimage A2, ISO64 1/250 f6.6 14.4mm (56 35mm eq)

    Frosty Morning Light
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    Re: Frosty Morning Light

    I right click the picture, left click "open in new tab" then, in that new tab put the cursor in the picture, looking for a "+" If there is one in the cursor, I click again for the full size picture.

    This one looks very sharp, on my computer, to my eye, when viewed that way.


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