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Thread: Wildlife

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    Photo taken on a Canon 450D with a 55mm to 250mm IS at 55mm. 1/160 of second. Aperature Priority. AV 4. Partial metering. Hand held from the back of a game drive vehicle.

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    Re: Wildlife

    Hi "foots12",

    My first impressions were;
    a) wow, that was at 55mm (not 250mm), you were nice and close then
    b) shame it is so dark, then
    c) I'm not sure the white balance is correct

    on b) did you have any -EC (negative exposure compensation) set; I think that's way darker than it should be

    Also, what PP (post processing) software do you have?

    If Donald hasn't already asked, or even if he has, could you give us a first name please? thanks

    Welcome to the CiC forums from ...

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