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Thread: Brand new start - HDR

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    Brand new start - HDR , C&C please

    So basically I just received my Canon 500d TODAY!!!!
    So what did I do?? Unpack it and took it for a spin.
    Shame is that rain started to fall almost after I got to my spot so I got only few good shots.
    I tried some bracketing and this is how it turned out.

    C&C are most appreciated.

    More from me in the future for sure.
    Brand new start - HDR
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    Re: Brand new start - HDR , C&C please

    Hi Neno, the horizon is a bit not level... for seascapes it is generally the first thing I correct in my pics...

    I think you wanted to test your new toy but to be honest in that light you really had a huge challenge! To my eyes it has come out rather vanilla flavour and lacking in something for the eyes to grab hold of... you need to be patient and wait for some good light i think...


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