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Thread: Aperture for Mac

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    Aperture for Mac

    Hey folks --

    I just wanted to share with everyone that Aperture is for sale in the Mac store for $79. Which is much cheaper than their typical $199 cost.

    You have to have the most up to date version of Snow Leopard though, if you don't have it and you're on 10.5 OS X, you can purchase the update to Snow Leopard for $29.99 via the Apple store.

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    Re: Aperture for Mac

    but make sure before switching to Snow Leopard that you have everything in 10.5.8 doubly, trebly and archivedly backed up...because if your experience is similar to mine, some photo-editing progs (in my case Capture NX2 being the principle one) are not ready for 64bit and reverting to 10.5.8 is not easy. Everything that goes onto the computer while you test out 10.6 is in a format unreadable to 10.5.8, including 10.6 archives

    10.6 also has the nasty thought-police habit of checking that every one of your activation codes is 101% up to date and if you have lost one, finding it can be somewhat difficult. The fact that something that has been updated through lots of versions and works in 10.5.8 does not ensure that the activation code has been kept up to date.

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