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Thread: Hawk

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    This is my first post. I've been a photography fan, but have just started about a year and a half ago with my Nikon D3000. I have the 18-55 vr kit lens. Please comment and provide your constructive criticisms, as it is always appreciated! Thanks!

    I believe this was the "Broad-Winged Hawk" as that looks the closest to any hawk in Michigan that I could find. Spotted it in my backyard one morning. I had to reduce the image size to get it to upload, so we'll see how it looks here.

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    Re: Hawk

    I had to reduce the image quality (i use PS CS4) to "0" to get it to upload. :-(
    If anyone knows some tips for uploading without affecting the image quality so much, please share....thanks again!

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    Re: Hawk

    Hi EatSleepHockeyPhotography,

    Welcome to the Forum. Is it possible for you to share your real name with us. That will make it easy for us to address you
    Check out this Link to get to know how to post your images here.
    I won't comment on the quality, as you said you had to pull it down to meet the image size restriction.
    Composition wise, the scene is too busy. You can try cropping the image to focus more on the Bird.
    Hope that helps.

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