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Thread: Mushrooms for C&C

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    Mushrooms for C&C

    So these photo's are a couple months old at this point but i am just getting around to posting them. I was headed up to a rural area in Washington state and my friend asked me to take a few mushroom shots for his college project (some environmental science thing). I always love a mission so i gladly accepted. Unfortunatly the night before i left i made a poor decision and left my camera bag minus my camera in my truck while taking a walk. Long story short i headed to Washington with my least favorite lens as my only one. These were all taken with canon 17-85mm. Please let me know what you think.

    Mushrooms for C&C

    Mushrooms for C&C

    Mushrooms for C&C

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    Re: Mushrooms for C&C

    Hey Paul. I like them as this something I have always liked.
    #1- the top of the mushroom just does not look natural to me. It maybe I am not sure. The red bulbous plants are distracting to me. The stalk is sharp and the comp. is great.
    #2- I like the colors and again the comp. is good. The focus point looks like it was just in front the mushroom which takes away the DOF on the main subject. The back of the mushroom looks interesting but it is out of focus.
    #3- Very nice comp. The colors look good but again the focus point is just a little off to me. It looks like the focus is on the lower left and not the stem. This is my favorite.
    Very good pics, i would have been happy if they were mine.

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