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Thread: Recommended Photography Courses

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    Recommended Photography Courses

    Would anyone recommend the School of Photographic Imaging (SPI) courses that are advertised in "Amateur Photographer" magazine?


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    Re: Recommended Photography Courses

    All photography courses and programs starts with the fundamentals and basics of Exposure (Photography 101). A great way to start at your own leisure and pace is getting the Bryan Peterson's Series of Understanding Exposure and Understanding Shutter Speed. Also thoroughly going over your owner's manual (section by section at night) so you know how to access the necessary controls. Purchasing a wide aperture prime lens (24-50 mm f/1.8-1.4) will also help you master the control of depth of field for the book's assignments will get you far. This is how both my children got started. Do not be afraid, they understood everything and they both started at the age of 9 and 11.

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    Re: Recommended Photography Courses

    I saw that ad yesterday in AP. Don't know anything about them.

    There's Scott Kelby here

    You could also look at the Open University courses - they do a short course in photography which is about 200, and you get a free copy of Photoshop Elements.

    Before you sign up to any course I would think carefully about what they promise, how much it costs, and how relevant it is to your own needs. You could also try local colleges in your area.

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