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Thread: More Rhodes & a Question

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    More Rhodes & a Question

    Hi, Another of Rhodes this is last night on the West coast.
    Question please:- If you want to stop someone from using Copy & Paste on a photograph how or what do you do to stop it?

    More Rhodes & a Question

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    Re: More Rhodes & a Question

    Hi Russ,

    Nice pic!

    I'm not sure you can prevent people from 'copying' a pic as it's always possible to hit 'Print Screen' and paste it into Photoshop. All you can realy do to protect your images online is to add a watermark (but in theory even they can usually be cloned out if someone REALLY wants to steal your image).

    The other thing you can do is to never post it at too high a resolution, making it unusable if anyone wanted to make it larger for instance.

    i think your images are protected by artistic copyright so technically you could bring a claim against someone who was using your image without consent, provided you can prove loss.

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