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Thread: Just for fun.

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    Just for fun.

    Just for fun.

    I thought I would share a fun technique that I used to train myself shooting moving objects. I live in the Concord, NC area and I'm an avid NASCAR fan looking to break into the race photography business.

    I practiced on the smallest subjects I could find and tried to capture them. As you can see the bee is out of focus but that's because they move in random patterns and it's almost impossible to keep them centered in the focal area. The larger the object the easier it is to capture motion. Especially at 180+mph.

    Combine your panning techniques, keeping the subject in the focal area and adjust your shutter speed accordingly.

    As I said, I just uploaded this for fun and thought I would show you how I train for motion. Birds, falling leaves and bees make great targets to practice. I have some great NASCAR shots but can't upload them due to licensing agreements.

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    Re: Just for fun.

    Cool idea. Bugs and birds in flight are very difficult. Trying with slower/hovering insects can help, dragon flies being good subjects

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