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Thread: CS2 won't read DNG files

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    CS2 won't read DNG files

    I am running CS2 on a 64bit HP laptop and have done the compatibility update so CS2 runs fine, opens Nikno Raw files but will not open DNG files. They open fine with Silverfast HDR Studio or DCPro. I can use either of the two Silverfast programs or the program that came with the Panasonic (RW2) but it bugs me that Camera Raw won't open them.

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    Re: CS2 won't read DNG files

    You need to convert the NEF files to a DNG version that CS2 will read. It won't read the most up to date version.

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    Re: CS2 won't read DNG files

    I assume you've downloaded the most uptodate version of the Adobe DNG Converter compatible with your version of Camera Raw?

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    Re: CS2 won't read DNG files

    As far as I know I think it's 3.7 or 4.0

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