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Thread: Help! How do I post images here?

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    Help! How do I post images here?

    All you need to know is in this thread

    HELP THREAD: How can I post images here?

    If it isn't, or you find it confusing, or you need other help with posting images just add a question to the above thread (not this one, it's closed) and we will do our best to assist. You can also use the above thread to test out uploading images if you are unsure of the process, without anyone commenting on your shots.

    If you are really stuck, feel awkward about asking (that's OK), or perhaps English is not your best language (that's OK too), then please drop a PM to one of the Mods (except McQ) HERE

    If you are new to posting images for comment, you may find the following guidelines useful. You don't have to post images for comment and criticism (C&C), you may just want to share an image or two with us, which will be very welcome.

    Guidelines for posting for criticism and comment (C&C)

    1. Don't be put off posting a bad shot. It's only bad shots that can be improved.Good ones don't need it.
    2. It helps to state that you know it's lacking something. You could say 'I don't like the arrangement of the model in this shot - how could I have improved it?' Here is a good EXAMPLE
    3. Ask for C&C - don't assume you will just get it. People are more likely to be honest if you ask them to be so.
    4. Give as much info as you can about why you took the shot, and how you took the shot. It helps to keep the EXIF data in you posted inages, and if you do this and post them from Flickr you can post a link to the EXIF like THIS EXIF can also be viewed in the browser if it's in the shot, using a range of browser tools. EXIF data helps commentators deciding where you might have gone wrong with a shot.
    5. If you shot the image in RAW it may help to provide a link from which the file can be downloaded by other members. I use
    6. Examples of the sort of things that you can ask for comment on are composition, choice of subjects, lighting, post-processing, BW versus colour, image quality, anything really.
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