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Thread: Risks of hacking my Rebel XTi?

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    Risks of hacking my Rebel XTi?

    I saw a very tempting hack on Youtube for updating the firmware in my Rebel XTi. It adds the ability to use the Spot Metering mode as well as a whole bunch more ISO speeds ranging from ISO 80 to ISO 3200 and everything in between. (And there's a rumor that you can also use ISOs all the way down to 16)

    Here's the video:

    And here's a forum post with links to the files needed and instructions for installation:

    I'm wondering what the risks of doing this are. If you click the link to download the doctored update file, they outline some bad things that could happen to your camera. Has anyone else attempted to hack a Canon DSLR? Success? Failure? Pitfalls? I'm questioning whether or not this hack is worth risking because I'm definitely not in a position to have it shipped off to Canon for fixing.

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    Re: Risks of hacking my Rebel XTi?

    Problem #1. You load an un-authorised firmware onto your camera. Your camera breaks down and you need to send it to a Canon repair shop. First thing they do is check the firmware, and I guess at that point you would get your camera straight back.

    Problem #2. Your camera is still under warranty (I know this was a 400D but it could apply to other cameras), and is sent back to Canon for repair under warranty. You get the camera straight back without a fix.

    Problem #3. You don't know if there are any problems with the firmware.

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    Re: Risks of hacking my Rebel XTi?

    Hi Justin,

    I read a little on the CHDK site making the following conclusion:
    If my camera was still under warranty or was my only camera I would not do this update at all.
    The main reasons were mentioned by Rob already. If I had a second, older camera I would try it because I am interessted in this kind of PC stuff. The technical side looks like this if I understood it correctly. CHDK does not install a new firmware onto the camera. It modifies a few adresses in the camera so that it will be able to boot from CF card. On the CF card is the "new" firmware installed. I read a few posts in their forum that testified cameras CAN BE BROKEN during the modification of the original firmware. Also the total installation itself looks very "alpha" to me. There is definitly a risk that something can go wrong during the whole installation at a point where you cannot go back.


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