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Thread: Leopard

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    Here's a photo I took in January this year at Marwell Zoo. I was out and about with my new 400mm L-series lens. Almost the first time out. This leopard could hear its keeper bringing food, so was pacing up and down in its cage. Once I'd worked out his route, I waited and got this shot. I have it printed out A1 size on acrylic in my house. Visitors never believe that I took the photo. There is no catch light in the left eye. Does it matter?

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    Re: Leopard

    Looks amazing to my eyes, wouldn't have noticed left eye had you not mentioned it.

    I really like the way his head is roughly centre of the shot but frame is pretty much filled with the subject. Only really useful advice I can probably give is ignore suggestions of getting in close without zoom, I say this as a joke but you never know .

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    Re: Leopard

    Yes its a great pussy pic, lovely whiskers, and it looks as if there is in fact enough hint of catchlight in left eye for it to be worth selecting with a feathered edge and increasing the contrast, and perhaps a touch of further sharpening?


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