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Thread: World Press Photo

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    World Press Photo

    I was quite surprised to see that the World Press Photo 2010 exhibition (with the winning photo's of 2009 of course ) attended my University in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. So of course I spend some time at the exhibition. Very inspiring!

    A really nice event was that the 3d price winner of the portraits, Dutch photographer Willeke Duijvekam (one of the three Dutch winners ) gave a presentation about her own work and a tour around the exhibition.
    Duijvekam's winning series is about a boy with Gender Identity Disorder. She has been working with this boy for about one and a half year and captured the important moments of the boy's discovery about his GID in his puberty and the proces of transformation. It was inspiring to talk to her, hear here stories and hear her vision about how she tries to express the stories she would like to share with the world.

    It's very inspiring to see some much powerful and above all great photos together on large formats. The use of composition, light and black and white/colour accompanied by (most of the time) pure people with pure emotions makes some photos a source of amazement and inspiration.

    I would recommend this exhibition to everybody who's able to visit it. See the World Press Photo site for exhibition dates and places. You can also see the winning photos but they look far better in the exhibition.

    Are there people who have been to exhibition before?
    What do you think about the photos? and what about the World Press Photo of the year 2009? Is it worthy to win?

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    Re: World Press Photo

    I have not been to any of the exhibitions but have seen several of the images in magazines and just looked at the website. Very powerful images.
    A worthy competition and certainly one to win if you are a photo journalist.

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