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Thread: Adobe 'benefit' Anyone had it?

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    Adobe 'benefit' Anyone had it?

    I just got a pop-up msg saying I had a 'benefit' from Adobe Photoshop. I presume this was a reward for upgrading to CS5. You get a selection of free gifts - but as an IBM executive once said "there's no such thing as a free lunch".

    I selected the free Photoshop plugin from OnOne software, which creates presets and frames for your shots. It seems quite good, in a somewhat limited sort of way. The frames look good. Anyone get this offer? One of the choices is a month's subscription to training, who are supposed to be quite good.

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    Re: Adobe 'benefit' Anyone had it?

    I upgraded to CS5 last week.Haven't recieved any benefit offers,but I did subscribe to a couple of weeks back.Excellent tutorials.Another good site is Scott Kelby's.

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    Re: Adobe 'benefit' Anyone had it?

    I upgraded to CS5 a while back and I haven't been seen anything on my end.

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