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Thread: "Beauty is at the End"

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    "Beauty is at the End"


    These photos were taken in mid-summer in Abu Dhabi when the sun is very hard. It was in the evening where the sky is clear. Is in the Corniche, park along the coast.

    0206 - f/10 ISO200, 1/60

    0181 - f/13, ISO200 and 1/160

    Thanks and comments welcome.

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    Re: "Beauty is at the End"


    The images are only posted as thumbnails and therefore do not appear very large, even when we click on them. If you could manage to post them inline it would help us comment.

    Based on what I can see, however, both look a bit 'soft' to me. Did you do any post-processing sharpening? I think, for example, that the edges of the metalwork, archway and lamps in the first one could be sharpened, as could the edges around the branches and leaves on the tree in the second.

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