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Thread: Nikon SLR D5000 purchase price in India...?

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    Nikon SLR D5000 purchase price in India...?

    i am new to this forum . i am interested in photography - Nature and sports , so i am planning to Buy nikon SLR D5000 . can any one give me exact price in banglore


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    Re: Hi friends

    Welcome to the Forum, G.B.

    There are a very few Indians on the forum. And I don't think anyone is from B'lore. So its difficult to help you in that regard. Hopefully we will be able to solve your other future queries.

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    Re: Hi friends


    M from bangalore.
    its priced around 35k.Normally the shops like Gk vale or whizz are giving the lens and the bag, 4 gb card etc.

    but i guess u can better do a research before taking it.
    like i did last week.
    You can check out camera city in brigade road ,they would give a good deal.
    you can get for 33 k,including cleaning kit,an upgraded memory and a tripod stand .
    I got these when i purchased mine last week.

    Just need to negotiate with them.


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