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Thread: Rush Hour

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    Rush Hour

    Here is one of yesterday's night. I wanted more than just some trails from the car lights. Therefore I went to this exit. Not that clever since this is exit is barely taken by any cars. I've been there for over an hour and only three cars took the exit. Though plenty of time to get the rest as I want it

    I used the BULB mode to adjust the exposure to the amount of cars passing during the exposure.

    Rush Hour

    12s . f/11.0 . ISO 100 . 34 mm

    What do you think of it? C&C is greately appreciated.

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    Re: Rush Hour

    What I spotted; being an engineer, is the strange 'judder' effect of what I assume to have been a vehicle with LED tail lights (bottom left corner) - sometimes, as here, these are a discontinuous light source, it is first time I have noticed the effect in a shot like this. They rely on the human eye's persistence of vision to appear to be 'on' when in fact they're flashing quite fast; compare it to the once per second trail of an indicator bulb as (possibly the same) vehicle changed lane.

    I like the photo (not just for that), I think you've made the best of a not wonderfully photogenic location (although I'm sure there are far worse).


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