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Thread: Day 32: July 2010 Photo-a-Day Thread

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    Day 32: July 2010 Photo-a-Day Thread

    Well done everybody who fought bravely and suffered much hardship and deprivation to make it through the month.

    It was a pleasure to view all the efforts of your labours.

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    Re: Day 32: July 2010 Photo-a-Day Thread

    For a ghastly moment there I thought... "Day 32... what shall I do today....?"

    I actually enjoyed it as it was quite novel for me having to do something structured every day - something I haven't done since I stopped work. I could sense that some people were pressed for time, so I think they did particularly well.

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    Re: Day 32: July 2010 Photo-a-Day Thread

    DAY #32?! I was about ready to start shooting.

    I think ti was a marvelous idea and a lot of fun. It is not often we can mix so much fun in with so much learning.


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