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Thread: Spot the moth

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    Spot the moth

    Pretending not to be there and living up to it's common name of Grass Moth.

    Spot the moth

    A bit windy and I had to use flash to get sufficient shutter speed. Sigma 180 mm macro.

    These moths are always troublesome to shoot because the tips of their wings are shiny, so exposing for that causes underexposure and noise on the rest of the image; or alternatively, the wing tips overexpose.

    I tried for an exposure balance here but I think the wing tips are still slightly overexposed.

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    Re: Spot the moth

    Hi Geoff,

    My lawn is covered in these, but the grass is a little short to be getting nice shots like this.

    Also, I find they take flight readily, as soon as you get within a couple of feet, so I take my metaphorical hat off to your moth stalking skills.

    Looks OK to me exposure wise, and it's sharp, nicely composed and with great colours,

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