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Thread: Some First Attempts at HDR

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    Some First Attempts at HDR

    Hi Guys and Gals,

    Just joined today (see the welcome thread for my introduction post), and thought I would get some thoughts on a few of my first HDRs. Please excuse the watermarks, I am a fairly poor student at the moment and can't ante up for a software liscence just yet.

    Some First Attempts at HDR
    This is the Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal, Canada. This was PP'd using a single Raw image.

    Some First Attempts at HDR
    This is my family's dog Tori posing for shot - she has done a lot of that! Again, from a single Raw.

    Some First Attempts at HDR
    Finally, some tomato plants that my roommate is growing. This is a "true" HDR composition from three exposures (0, +2, -2, using my D5000's auto bracketing). It turned out not as sharp as I was hoping because I was too focussed on the auto-bracketing function that I kind of disregarded my aperture setting. Anyways, I like the colours.

    One question I have for everyone is what techniques are best for reducing noise in HDR images? I have been getting a lot of that lately. I now have access to PS CS4 so any reference to that and general workflow considerations would be great.


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    Re: Some First Attempts at HDR


    1. Basilica-Dazzling colors, nice composition, but the HDR lacks depth and contrast. There is little separation between the pewes and the background.

    2. Tori-Subtle HDR if any and the shot looks fine.

    3. Tomatoes-Subtle HDR, image clarity is excellent, composition is fine but angle of shot and direction of lines (floor panels and bannister) are distracting.

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