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Thread: Houston, Texas

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    Houston, Texas

    My wife and I snagged a used camera yesterday. Canon 1D MKII with a 17-40L f4! Two button system was weird at first but it is growing on us!

    This was taken on the way home going through Houston.

    Houston, Texas

    Good memory Dave! Fixed it, thanks!

    I can see the camera has some dust on the sensor...I'll get it cleaned.
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    Re: Houston, Texas

    Hi Clint,

    I'm only seeing the thumbnail above.

    It is possible the method of inserting images has changed since you last did it - being an infrequent visitor - but it's good to see you back again.

    Have a look at this thread; HELP THREAD: How can I post images here?

    If you have an account at Imageshack, use option d) (post #5 in thread), else, for expediency, TinyPic works fine.

    Congrats on the new toys.


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