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Thread: Warning!

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    Went to a Switchfoot concert (I dont even like switchfoot; I blame peer pressure) along the beach. Activities included swimming, despite the sign discouraging it. We went in anyway (pic)(pic). Slack-Lining was fun, and we got to see some very skilled slack-liners perform (pic; i saw this guy do a backflip but he slipped).

    I can't comment on the bands that performed because I don't enjoy modern rock much. I don't even have pictures of switchfoot since I left to walk around on the beach. But I did try to capture the moment with my camera:
    pic1 - skinniest singer ever
    pic2 - singing in the audience
    pic3 - clapping to the beat

    After we got back to the car, we were surprised nobody complained that we were technically in a homeowner's parking spot (pic; we were supposed to park on the main street)!

    can't forget the photographer! i'm quite sure that's a canon XXXD with battery grip and kit lens / superzoom of some sort.
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    Re: Warning!

    Hi, Troy;

    I like the shot of the feet, and the slackline performer.

    I think you're right about the photographer: the "main wheel" is to his right side (with the camera in landscape mode), which means entry level DSLR, as far as I know.


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