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Thread: First shot!

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    First shot!

    We was asking to be photograpthed!

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    Last edited by Dave Humphries; 14th June 2010 at 05:59 AM. Reason: they also asked to be made bigger :)

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    Re: First shot!

    Hi Ruiworld (Rui?),

    Welcome to the CiC forums from me, great to have you join us with a picture to start off.

    This is a nice shot and I like the composition.

    My only slight concern was whether it looked a little softer than it should?
    This may depend upon how you sharpened it and how you downsized it for display here at 700px width.

    I tried downloading and sharpening, but it didn't help - I mean yes it got sharper, but not in a nice way as you have already done it.

    I should be getting ready for work now, so could I post you a link to this I wrote earlier, have a read and see if anything applies (like trying to attach something bigger than 700px).

    Speak later no doubt,

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