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Thread: Should I get a lens adapter?

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    Should I get a lens adapter?

    My dad has this old film camera. It's a Sears KSX he bought back in 1981 and it has this really neat 50mm f/2 lens on it that I'd love to use on my Rebel XTi. The 50mm lens uses a Pentax K mount (as far as I can tell) and my camera uses the EF or EF-S mount.

    Should I look for a lens adapter? Or should I just break down and buy Canon's 50mm f/1.8? A dealer at a camera shop told me that the adapters sometimes act as mini extension tubes and you lose the ability to focus on infinity. But I'd like to save a buck or two if I can.

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    Re: Should I get a lens adapter?

    At the price of the Canon 50mm 1.8 I don't think you would be saving very much, and you get the bonus of all the capabilities of the new lens.

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