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Thread: Ready to go Fishing

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    Ready to go Fishing

    Earlier today I was named and shamed and treated cruelly and harshly for having breached the rules in Mono Mini Competition #16. Or maybe not! But to console myself, I took to the GIMP (better than Gin or Whisky).

    What do you think?

    Ready to go Fishing
    40D, Tokina 11-16 f2.8 @16mm. ISO 100. 1/45@f11. Manual

    The real challenge was keeping the halos at bay on the grass extending into the sky.
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    Re: Ready to go Fishing

    Is that right, we have to call you "Donald three shots" like Prescott who was "Two Jags"? I digress....

    Very good shot. Excellent composition (although I might have included all of the boat}. It has a very tranquil feel to it, as if someone is about to push it out for a spot of gentle fishing. Very sharp too. Isn't the Tokina 11-16 a nice lens. I don't use mine as much as I should.

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