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Thread: Sensor Saturation?

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    Sensor Saturation?


    When taking pictures of bright sources (light bulb, LED, Sun) the LCD monitor on many consumer cameras shows a bright vertical line normally violet. Is there a name or description to relate this problem, noise, saturation or what ever it is?

    A small search on Lens Flare was done, but as much as I understood in the CC tutorials
    the vertical bright line can't be related to Lens Flare. Seems to me that is something related
    to sensor saturation.

    Any one can give me some clue on this? How to reduce it, eliminate it?

    Best Regards

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    Re: Sensor Saturation?

    I think the vertical stripe is due to blooming and/or smear. I don't think there is much you can do about it, since it depends how much anti-blooming and anti-smear technology is implemented on the sensor. I think it tends to more more of a problem with live view (and video) than it does with actual image capture. Does it show up in your photos during playback mode, or is it only visible while you are composing?


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    Re: Sensor Saturation?

    Mike R is on the right track, I remember learning about this when, as a TV camera engineer, I was learning about the first and second generation TV camera CCD chips about 20 years ago. Of course I've forgotten much and it may not be directly applicable to DSLR sensors.

    I did find this page which, if you scroll down to the Smear heading, covers it with some demo pictures for those interested.

    Regards, Dave

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    Re: Sensor Saturation?

    I remember having this problem quite a bit with the older Canon PowerShot cameras that had a flip/tilt LCD screen with Live View. As others have said though, this vertical line was really just a minor annoyance because it almost never showed up in the final recorded photograph. However, it is a good idea to avoid taking shots where this line is visible (if you can) because it is usually indicative of situations which have extreme lens flare or dynamic range and exposure issues.

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    Re: Sensor Saturation?


    Thank you for all the answers and feedback, the problem we are taking about is smear. In this particular case, it happens with a Powershot SX1 and a entire column of pixels overloads and
    blooms to violet/pink.

    I can't confirm the following, but as much as I remember some videos are stored with
    the smear and I was looking forward to use some type of filter to reduce it. After reading
    your answers it seems that professional cameras don't produce the smear while recording
    very bright sources of light.

    Best Regard and thank you very much
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