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Thread: [Suggestion] Drip kit and Time Machine for droplet photos

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    [Suggestion] Drip kit and Time Machine for droplet photos

    Like me there are some droplet photographers around here. I've read some things about electronic systems for the timing of the shot on the forum, though I do it still completely manual.

    Today I came across a great piece of equipment that I think would solve all this problems. I think it can be very helpful and therefore I wanted to share it on the forums. The only problem is that it'll cost about $470,00 and that's too much for me unfortunately .

    The thing I'm talking about is Brian Mumford's Time Machine and for the droplet photos you'll need the drip kit.

    If you take a look at Corrie White's work, you'll see why you would like to have one

    (and no, I'm not getting payed by Brian Mumford to advertise here )
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    Re: [Suggestion] Drip kit and Time Machine for droplet photos

    Very cool, Jeroen!! It's nice to know there are commercial options out there: I might have been tempted after a few failures to buy this. I don't know how many hours I've put into fiddling with creating drops, but if I pay myself $10 per hour, I've probably spent close to $500.


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