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Thread: Thank you!

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    Thank you!

    I just realized that I came first in four of the last six monochrome mini comps, and I didn't post any thanks (slap wrist). So can I say thank you to everyone who voted. The message is quite clear - the colour shots are naff so stick to B+W!

    I must say the bar is getting higher, some of the recent entries are excellent. I need to pull my socks up. My luck has to run out soon... Methinks Donald is the man to watch.

    These were the four winners that you (might) have voted for. My favourite is 'Nothing biting' but 'Keys' is a close second.

    comp #11 Keys
    Thank you!

    comp #8 Nothing biting
    Thank you!

    comp #7 church rock
    Thank you!

    comp #6 Whitford light
    Thank you!
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