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Thread: Watch the Birdie

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    Watch the Birdie

    I sort of like the idea of this image but there is something not quite right in my opinion. Your views are very welcome


    Watch the Birdie

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    Re: Watch the Birdie

    I like the silhouette effect - the shape of the bird and branch is good. But the sky doesn't look right - too blotchy and it's blown out in a few places. I find silhouettes really difficult, because you have to rely so much on the composition and shape of the subject. You normally don't have much colour either.

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    Re: Watch the Birdie

    Hehe this is very different for you. I like it but, what Rob said about the sky. What if you cloned in the dark part of the sky with clouds, or cropped the top so the dark parts were missing. Then it looks like snow which is maybe not what you wanted, but looks better to me.


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