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Thread: Canon 550D

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    Canon 550D

    Anyone tried out this camera yet, seems to be getting good reviews?

    I'm still waiting to make the plunge, hopefully do it during the summer when i've saved enough.

    I'm leaning towards this camera as the 7d is a bit out of my range...

    Kit lens isn't supposed to be great though, would i be better off buying body only and a seperate lens?

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    Re: Canon 550D

    My suggestion is to take a closer look at the XXD equivalents (eg 50D) first ... they have significantly superior ergonomics and build quality. Many years ago I purchased a 350D and sold it at a loss a few weeks later after handling a 20D ... and never looked back (and would do it again in a heartbeat).

    Even today I'd still take a used 30D or 40D over a new 550D.

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    Re: Canon 550D

    thanks Colin, will compare the 2 so

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    Re: Canon 550D

    I have used the EOS 450d for some years now and have been quite comfortable with the camera.

    I have just upgraded to the 550 from a 450d (economics the main issue, would also have preferred the 7D!)

    Colin's point about ergonomics is fair. I 'added' the battery pack to the 480d which compensated well and will do the same with the 550.
    As regards results, I cannot complain....




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    Re: Canon 550D

    I have just moved from a 450D to a 40D. The 450D with a grip feels OK until you get the 40D in your mitts. The difference is not just marginal it is in a different will not put the 40D down. I would seriously consider Colin's advice. The 550D is packed with gadgetry but you must not lose sight of the fact that it is an entry level camera in terms of build quality. You will get excellent images from this camera no doubt and some of the reviews I read when I got my 40d said there would be no difference in IQ between the 450D and the 40D. That may be the case for web viewing but take the images to 100% and tell me there is no difference.

    You will enjoy whatever you decide to get but note that I had outgrown the 450D in just under 12 months and used prices for year old entry levels are not good (for the seller). The 550D is a very expensive entry level camera. It is worth thinking about.

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