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Thread: Holding Hands with Ernie

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    Have a guess :)

    Holding Hands with Ernie

    Hi All,

    I shot this at the same time as my "Say Hello to Emma" image (a couple of days ago). It's taken on sunset at the memorial statue to Sir Ernest Lord Rutherford of Nelson (the "father of the atom"), just a few hundred metres from home.

    Canon 1Ds3 - EF135/F2.0L USM - 1/125th @ F5 @ ISO 50. Dual 580 Mk. II / Pocketwizard TT5 / Mini TT1 & shoot-through umbrella. Sekonic L758DR Metering.

    Holding Hands with Ernie

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    Re: Holding Hands with Ernie

    I dared to pay attention to a minor problem of pp instead of Cokin amber filter.
    Thank You for looking at.
    Radu Dinu
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