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Thread: Praha at night

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    Praha at night

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum, love what I saw.
    I have never posted anything but I have two pictures I like, and would like to hear your reviews.
    Hope to hear form you.
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    Re: Praha at night

    Hi Cinci_cap Interesting photos, but you don't say what camera was used or how they were processed. If the images were originally RAW files they might benefit from treatment with HDR software - see a recent post by me in the HDR Section. This could bring out the dark areas to give more interest. Also, the second image has too much black sky and would benefit from cropping.



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    Re: Praha at night

    Thank you very much for your reply.
    This images where taken with a Sony DSC-100 and nothing was done to them.
    I agree on your comment of the second picture, cropping will help.
    I'll look into your HDR software post.
    Thank you.

    Additional Info no pictures:
    Pic 1: SONY DSC-W100, Fl 15.1mm, SS 2.0s, F/4.0, ISO:125
    Pic 2: SONY DSC-W100, Fl 23.7mm, SS 1.0s, F/5.2, ISO:125
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    Re: Praha at night

    An interesting first shot from what I presume is 'Karluv Most' (for those not familiar it is the Medieval Bridge across the Vltava river in the centre of Prague (or Praha). It also appears to be taken in winter. This is one of the most famous views in Praha, of the Palace and Cathedral.

    I find the bridge parapet and figure to the left a little distracting, although I am presuming the parapet was used as a rest for the camera? Therefore I feel that the picture would have been improved without these two objects being apparent. As far as the bridge parapet is concerned, if you don't have a tripod with you, then a lot of cropping is necessary, whilst trying to avoid characters on this very very busy pedestrian bridge is almost impossible, so maybe try and incorporate them deliberately into the shot.

    Alternately you could venture further along the river as in this shot

    on wikipedia (taken in May 2008) and still get your view of the Palace but without the distractions (although this shot seems to have captured a moving boat on the water.)

    Anyway, don't let that put you off, take it rather as encouragement and please post some more!

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    Re: Praha at night

    Thanks for your review.
    You are right on all accounts, "Karluv Most", winter (cold as Antartica!) and used the parapet as stand. At the moment I tryed to incorporate the pedestrian as a reality check agains that impressive view, you are there every day and yet not seen it.... I had to have make it more obvious.. Hope next trip.
    Impressive your shot. Hope to get something like that some time soon.
    Again, thank yo for your comments that do nothing more than encourage me to learn more.
    Bought a new camera, so I'll start posting new developments.


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