My first post top the forum so a quick note to say well done for some excellent content and discussion.

I'm broadening my photography from mainly nature/wildlife and have been doing some urban landscapes and stitched panoramas - mainly around dusk. I'm using a newly acquired 450D and 45mm TS-E for this. I use this mainly in Liveview to focus and set the tilt for maximum DoF. I'm finding this a great way to work and have become a complete convert to Liveview from being pretty sceptical.

I intend getting the 5D replacement early next year and assume that this will have a VGA LCD which should be an even better way of working. However, before then, 'd like to get a wider lens to open open a few options on the 450D. Relatively simple question really, will I see a difference in Liveview if I have a faster aperture - i.e. between a 24/f1.4 and 24/f3.5? I know I'll see a difference in the viewfinder, just not sure whether this would be apparent on the LCD.