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Thread: Floral Beauty at our home

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    Floral Beauty at our home

    Hi please check it out and let me know your comments.

    thanks in advance.



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    Re: Floral Beauty at our home

    The greens are lovely but the light is really harsh. I like the veins in the upper leaves in #2, the dark green against the light green is nice.
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    Re: Floral Beauty at our home

    I think you are attempting the impossible here. In the first photo you have out of focus leaves going right across the image which are obscuring the interesting and well focused parts.

    And with the second one, that out of focus 'trunk' across the photo is also very distracting.

    I would say, try again but put a lot more thought into your photo angle. It can be very difficult to find the best angles and I sometimes have to do a little pruning to remove 'offending' greenery. But there is always a solution; it's just finding it that is the real struggle.

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