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Thread: Polariser/wide angle v quality & warranty

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    Polariser/wide angle v quality & warranty

    1. I have Nikkor 18-200 VR lens (D80 body) and want to get a polariser filter that will suit lens range. At what point does wide angle vignette effect show and does difference between c. 50 and 120 polarisers justify cost difference? (limited retirement budget!)

    2. The lens has a noticeable 'curve effect' on landscape horizons at 18mm end (27mm equiv)- is this to be expected, or poor lens sample? In other respects lens is generally good apart from 'creep'. (I did not have this on old Pentax Spotmatic 35mm 'wide angle' lens.)

    3. Does anyone petition camera suppliers over the ludicrous restriction on warranties regionalised for marketing/profit which undermines the international travel aspects of photography? It causes me significant issues when Nikon wish to charge 140 just to examine potential fault between body and lens communications, even while both under warranty (lens international/body regional), as purchased outside Europe.

    Thanks for any response.

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    Re: Polariser/wide angle v quality & warranty

    Hi Alecw,

    1. Taking your last point firstly, I am afraid that a standard charge by the major manufacturers for examining a camera does tend to be off putting when not wholly covered by the warranty. I suppose the different International pricing policies of new cameras plays a part here and is wholly frustrating, but I doubt there is much you can do unless you get a major camera mag onside and get them to argue your case.

    2. Any zoom lens of this size is a compromise and unless you pay megabucks there will be a down side. A prime fixed focal length lens is job specific and generally will not have such drawbacks, although some zooms manage it better than others.

    3. Any filter is an additional piece of glass between your sensor and the subject so it will have a minor denigrating effect on the image. Polarisers are usually more expensive than other filters and it does depend on what lens you are putting it on and the use to what you are putting the finished item.

    Quite often a basic filter will do the job quite adequately, and most people will not notice the difference. However there is usually a reason for the cost difference, but as it was once said to me, if you can't see the difference then there is no point in spending money unnecessarily.

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    Re: Polariser/wide angle v quality & warranty

    Hello Alec -

    1. I would not use a cheap filter on a relatively expensive lens. Have had good results with Hoya polarizing filters. Be aware that a polarizing filter reduces the speed of your lens by about two stops.

    2.The 18-200 mm vr lens shows quite complex distortions both at the wide and the long end. I have had good success using DxO Pro software to fix these distortions, they have a trial version. However, some people have had difficulties installing this software on their computer.

    3. If you use an American Express card for your purchases, they double the manufacturers' warranty period.

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