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Thread: Raw to jpeg conversion?

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    Raw to jpeg conversion?

    Hi just joined tonight wow what a great Website!

    Hello to everybody!

    I use a Nikon D200 and shoot Raw when it comes to converting to jpeg my image quality
    is fragmented or pixilated? why is this? complete newbi

    Regards Karl.

    P.s I use Capture NX2 to batch convert my photo's I also posted the photo in this thread don't know where its gone?
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    Have a guess :)

    Re: Raw to jpeg conversion?

    I'm not a NX2 user, but pixilation is usually associated with loss of information ... is NX2 down-sampling your images by any chance?

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    Re: Raw to jpeg conversion?

    I don't use NX2, I use CS4. But it sounds as if you are not creating jpegs of sufficient file size, hence the loss of info and consequent pixellation. Check your NX2 file create settings?

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    Re: Raw to jpeg conversion?

    Raw Therapee is worth a's free...



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