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Thread: Question about Sensors

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    Question about Sensors

    Image sensors based on the CCD principle exhibit a transfer function that is essentially linear and this has been well documented.

    Sensors based on CMOS technology on the other hand can exhibit a transfer function that is logarithmic. However so far I've only seen references to "CMOS Logarithmic Sensors" exhibiting this behavior. It is not clear whether all CMOS sensors have a logarithmic transfer function or is it only a specific configuration that does. A logarithmic response would be ideal in that it would closely emulate the response of film (although it would still not have the soft-clip shoulder response of film).

    Does anyone know if the CMOS sensors currently being used in DSLRs exhibit a logarithmic transfer function? If so, are all manufacturers' sensors (Canon, Nikon, etc) necessarily so?

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    Re: Question about Sensors

    I've asked google but so far no info. You can email technical support of your camera manufacturer, maybe they will know it.

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    Re: Question about Sensors

    Being an old film photographer, I'm wondering what difference this would make from the photography end of the equation. It is interesting, yes. However, is it something we will have to take into account when photographing or post-processing?

    I'm not trying to be a S-A here, but am truly interested if this will make a difference in how I set up the camera and computer software.


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