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Thread: Vodka dinosaur

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    Vodka dinosaur

    Vodka dinosaur

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    Re: Vodka dinosaur

    that man in this pic is really funny looking thts the first thing i noticed in this composition he has the most hilarious looking hair style and i think he looks like mrfrankenstein though this pic has that babies pram, it has no warmth or soul,to show forth.....except the warm colors

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    Re: Vodka dinosaur

    I think the man being criticize by Taken is probably a woman.......thus the hairdo makes sense.....

    It is kind of cute the way it resembles a dinosaur....

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    Re: Vodka dinosaur

    mrgoss! ur right ....that man is actually looks like a woman now after u mentioned it the shoes does say that he is a woman well well.....wat a confusing image

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    Re: Vodka dinosaur

    i like the composition but I do not like the tones

    it lends a very artificial feel to the pic ... ,more too much post processing

    the sky looks terrible

    like the perspective of the cobbled street ... more earthy tone will be better in my opinion

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