A quick search came up with >this thread< but my conditions are slightly different.

I currently have an Olympus E-410 with an ATP "high speed" CF 2gb ?mb/s 60x card capable of 3 fps for 7 RAW frames. I plan on getting a Nikon d3000 or d60, both capable of 3 fps. I understand that their buffer sizes and processing speeds may differ from the Olympus, which is why I am asking CiC for help in my search for an SD card that will allow a d3000/d60 capture at least 5-7 RAW frames in a row.

This what I have been looking at:
-Delkin Devices 4GB eFilm SDHC PRO Memory Card - Class 6 Speed Rating (150x)

Will that Delkin card differ from this SanDisk when put with the d3000/d60 ?
-SanDisk 4GB Ultra SDHC Memory Card - Class 4 Rating 15mb/s