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Thread: Antebellum Mansions of Natchez, Mississippi

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    Antebellum Mansions of Natchez, Mississippi

    I visited the Natchez, Mississippi area over New Years 2010 and despite the generally cold and inclement weather did find one or two nice days to photograph some of the lovely mansions located in that city. I left with a better understanding of the quality of life of the rich Pre-Civil War planter and businessman.

    The mansions are luxurious and grand. The only unfortunate aspect of the those mansions is that I was only allowed to photograph the restored interior of one of them: Rosalie. However, photography is allowed in the unfinished upstairs portions of the Longwood mansion but, not in the finished and restored basement. Stanton Hall, in which portions of the television series "North and South" was filmed, allows no interior photography whatsoever.

    I would rather not get into a debate regarding the justice or lack of justice of the system which allowed these mansions to be built but, simply appreciate the buildings for their beautiful architecture and painstaking and loving upkeep.

    I photographed primarily with a Canon 40D camera using a 17-55mm f/2.8 IS lens (12-24mm F/4 Tokina for Longwood). I lit the interiors with a Canon 420EX flash bounced into a Joe Demb Flash Diffuser Pro.

    Please visit my Natchez Sugmug Portfolio at:

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    Re: Antebellum Mansions of Natchez, Mississippi

    Hi - Smart images. I visited Natchez several years ago, pre-digital era. I remember the mansions and touring round. Your shots bring the trip back to me. I also remember a church on every street corner - the highest church to population ratio in the States we were told.



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