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Thread: Small Waterfall

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    Small Waterfall

    Hi, I am new to this forum. I have attached image captured by me last month in Kodaikanal,Tamilnadu _ India. Please give me your suggestions.
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    Re: Small Waterfall

    Hi pebu and welcome to the forum. I like your shot, but to me it looks a little flat. If you are close to this area it would be good to go back another day when there is better light.

    I am wondering if you have any photo editing software, and also what camera and settings you used when you took the shot. Does your camera have a RAW file setting. If it does, and if you have some editing software, I think you will find many shots like this can be greatly enhanced.

    I have made a try at sharpening it up a bit and bringing out the contrast. I don't know if you will consider it an improvement or not. Others here have told me it is very hard to edit in the jpg format, and now that I have been working with RAW files, I must say I agree.

    What I've done is to crop a little on the left to remove some of the distractions, and I also cloned out 2 of the lights in the middle. I tried applying some Local Area Contrast to give it a little more punch, but like I say, it just does not work as well with jpg

    There are may people here with more experience than myself, and hopefully someone else will come in with other suggestions. Generally speaking a very nice shot in what looks to be a beautiful area and worth going back for more.

    Small Waterfall

    Edit: it looks like it could use a slight clockwise rotation also. Easy to do, but I did not notice it till now

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