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Thread: First post - Hong Kong

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    First post - Hong Kong

    Hey guys,

    First post in the forums, so please be kind! Am linking from another site, so hope the image works, if not please let me know.

    Taken on a trip to Hong Kong last April. I liked the juxtaposition between the pagoda and the skyscrapers in the background.

    C&C most definitely welcome!

    First post - Hong Kong

    Techy stuff: EOS450D, 1/250sec at f10, ISO 200.

    Look forward to your comments,


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    Re: First post - Hong Kong

    Welcome to the forums!

    A few quick things I noticed at first glance:
    - Blown highlights in the sky. I realize this was taken impromptu, midday photography, but the juxtaposition you talk about between the pagoda and the skyscrapers would be illustrated better if the sky wasn't so blown out.
    - The red bridge is cut off somewhat awkwardly. I think it would work better with the entire bridge in-frame.
    - It looks like it could use a slight rotation counter-clockwise.

    I enjoy this shot...good colour, beautiful architecture and garden. I guess you snapped it as you were visiting this place on a day-excursion or something? Too bad you didn't have more time to set up some shots around sunset. Beautiful place!

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    Re: First post - Hong Kong

    Hi Rich,

    I agree with bleys that the white out sky is a shame, but that said I have seen far worse (usually on my own HDD!)

    I can also see what he(?) means about the bridge being cut off.

    The rotation is difficult though - it looks like you may have made the skyscrapers on the right parallel to the edge, but personally I would normally have gone for having a central vertical actually vertical, which yours are not, HOWEVER, rotating to achieve this would make the bridge deck even more tilted than it is, so I think on balance, I would actually do as you have done for this shot.

    I totally 'got' the juxtaposition theme of the shot though and the gentle fade into the foggy white sky is something I have seen in HK shots/movies before, although I have never been myself

    On the whole, a good shot with a nice natural looking tonal range, one I would be pleased to have taken myself.

    Welcome to the CiC forums,

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    Re: First post - Hong Kong

    Thank you for the comments.

    Yes, I agree the sky was a bit of a problem. It was a typical misty day in Hong Kong and what you see as sky is actually mist hugging the mountains behind the skyscrapers (also why they appear less saturated compared to the pagoda). The picture would probably have been much better on a clearer day! Also only took as JPG, so don't have a RAW file to play wth and try and pull more detail out.

    It is a slightly severe crop over the front of the image, but there was a brown fence directly in front of the bridge (to stop people approaching the pagoda) and I found that this was quite distracting. I agree though, would have been nice to have the whole bridge in.

    You're right, the pagoda does need a quick tweak to the left! That was just an error on my part, sorry will try harder next time.

    Glad you liked the shot though, will start and post some more.


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    Re: First post - Hong Kong

    I wouldn't worry about that sky. Admittedly a nice blue sky with a few fluffy clouds would be ideal, but I can't see any actual overexposure of your sky.

    Beware of overdoing any rotation because the skyscrappers on the right will soon begin to appear inwardly leaning.

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