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Thread: First Architecture Posting

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    First Architecture Posting

    Hello everyone! After my portraits were so well received I decided I better post some more stuff I've been holding back. I would love to get rid of the obvious lens flare in #94, but am not so talented yet with PP. C&C is welcome!

    All shot with point and shoot, Canon SD 1100IS.





    Thanks, Sarah
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    Re: First Architecture Posting

    Hmm, your shots aren't showing up like normally posted shots are. What I do is upload them on photobucket or a similar website and then copy and paste the image's URL in between these image tags [img][/img]. If you know this or have done this then disregard this comment =P.

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    Re: First Architecture Posting


    As before, what I see is your eye for creating a composition and commitment to working at getting your image, not just pointing the camera at something and firing. I would say the same sort of thing about More portraits.

    That being said, #3 in this set is, for me anyway, a little bit of an 'ordinary' shot. It doesn't have anything in it to say, 'Hey, this was someone who worked at this'. Whereas, for me, #2 is loaded with evidence of you having thought about it. You worked out your angles, your viewpoint, what it was you were trying to create in the viewfinder.

    Some of the real PP experts on the site will be able to comment about #3, but I think that even if you were the world expert in PP, there's not a lot you'd be able to do with that flare.

    As for advice - you probably know it already: Practice, practice and then practice some more.... and look carefully at what other are doing in the areas that interest you; e.g. architecture and portraits. For example, go into the people forum on here and look closely. There's some outstanding stuff that's way beyond my knowledge and skills.

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