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Thread: lens for nikon d 200

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    lens for nikon d 200

    Hi friends!

    for my Nikon d 200 I use a tokina f 2,8 16-50.
    For 50-200 lens I want to have a f 2,8...... what do you suggest to buy?

    Nikon 70-200 af-s vr I cannot afford unfortunately....

    Tamron 70-200 sp af?
    Sigma 70-200?
    Tokina 50-135?
    Nikon af-s vr 70-300 could be a valid alternative even though is not f 2,8?
    I am

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions


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    Re: lens for nikon d 200

    Well, if you need f/2.8 then you need f/2.8. In other words, if it is to freeze action (as opposed to enabling lower light shots with still subjects), then you cannot do without f/2.8. Otherwise I think that the image stabilized / vibration reduction (VR) version of the 70-300 could be a good option. The sigma 70-200 f/2.8 has a good reputation as being quite sharp as well, if you can stand the size and not having IS/VR...

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    Re: lens for nikon d 200

    I had an older one ring Nikkor 80-200/2.8, which can be had for around $400. It was a darn fine lens except that it had no tripod collar.

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