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Thread: Canon 7D macro attempts

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    Canon 7D macro attempts

    The 7D has an easy to use live mode with zoom capabilities. It makes focusing easier for us older folks, These are my first attempts at two house plants that are now blooming. C&C welcome. Used window light and macro tubes and 50mm Canon macro lens.

    Shamrock Flowers: I discovered that this plant originated from South America.

    I just read that the Irish Shamrock is the English form of the Irish word seamrog which literally translated means 'little clover' or 'young clover' (the Irish word is a compound formed from seamair (= clover) and og (= young or small).

    Canon 7D macro attempts

    The African Violet:Hybridized from African violets that are native to high elevations in tropical eastern Africa.

    Canon 7D macro attempts

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    Re: Canon 7D macro attempts

    I haven't got live mode but these look pretty good to me.

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