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Thread: Some Dance

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    Some Dance

    I understand I need to rotate some of these, but a quick crop will do for today.
    I also need to figure out how to minimize the mirrors and added background.






    Also C&C is always good.
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    Re: Some Dance

    Hi Tuefelkind,

    You could do a lot more with these in PP it is true.

    To my inexperienced eye, I think you have done well with the lighting set up (most visible in #3) under such conditions, a bit PP would sort the remaining exposure problems out.

    Shame about the tilts when you had all the bars and mirrors to give you horiz and vert references at the time of shooting - but I know it's easy to get carried away though

    The last two, especially #4, the models look uncomfortable, probably because you were too busy with the camera to talk to them. #5 is obviously a better pose.

    On all 5, the focusing looks pretty good to me.

    I was trying to work out your software from the EXIF data, but there's quite a mixture there, from Nikon Transfer to CS4 (on #3 which is straight and quite nicely exposed )

    That's a bit of a disjointed review, but I hope it helps,

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    Re: Some Dance

    Yes, I have a good deal of software, I'm the tech Guy for Haney's Photography, so I have CS4 and Lightroom. I know I can fix the tilt, but didn't have much time yesterday (or today really.)
    While I'm out however, if anyone could suggest what to do to these in PP?
    I know to lighten and correct the tilt, but how should I clean up the background? Perhaps a nice heavy blur, and then burn it close to black to look like one of those pictures I saw hanging over the mirrors?
    Also, these were done on nearly no notice, my sister's dance class needed head shots and dance pictures, and I had a camera and some lights. I was unfortunately unable to leave their box-of-mirrors studio, and would have rather used a nice brick wall instead.

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