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Thread: PS Elements Keyboard Shortcuts

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    PS Elements Keyboard Shortcuts

    I can never remember these, so here is a list (although I'm sure it's been done before).

    Tool Selection Shortcuts

    Hit the letter once to get there, and for the ones with multiple choices in a right click menu, hit again to cycle through the variations (e.g. L - L - L)
    Which icon is visible depends on what you last used.

    Grouped by Icon:
    Blur Tool - Sharpen Tool - Smudge Tool (R - R - R)
    Brush Tool - Impressionist Brush - Color Replacement Tool (B - B - B)
    Clone Stamp Tool - Pattern Stamp Tool (S - S)
    Cookie Cutter Tool (Q)
    Crop Tool (C)
    Eraser Tool - Background Eraser Tool - Magic Eraser Tool - (E - E - E)
    Eye Dropper Tool (I)
    Gradient Tool (G)
    Hand Tool (H)
    Horizontal/Vertical Type Tool - Horizontal/Vertical Type Mask Tool (T - T - T - T)
    Lasso - Magnetic Lasso - Polygonal Lasso (L - L - L)
    Magic Wand Tool (W)
    Move Tool (V)
    Paint Bucket Tool (K)
    Pencil Tool (N)
    Quick Selection Tool - Selection Brush Tool (A - A)
    Rectangle Tool - Rounded Rectangle Tool - Ellipse Tool - Polygon Tool - Line Tool - Custom Shape Tool - Shape Selection Tool (U x 7)
    Rectangular Marque Tool - Elliptical Marque Tool (M - M)
    Red Eye Removal Tool (Y)
    Straighten Tool (P)
    Spot Healing Brush Tool - Healing Brush Tool (J - J)
    Sponge Tool - Dodge Tool - Burn Tool (O - O - O)
    Zoom Tool (Z)

    Full list alphabetically:
    Blur Tool = R
    Brush Tool = B
    Color Replacement Tool = B
    Clone Stamp Tool = S
    Background Eraser Tool = E
    Burn Tool = O
    Cookie Cutter Tool = Q
    Crop Tool = C
    Custom Shape Tool = U
    Dodge Tool = O
    Ellipse Tool = U
    Elliptical Marque Tool = M
    Eraser Tool = E
    Eye Dropper Tool = I
    Gradient Tool = G
    Hand Tool = H
    Healing Brush Tool = J
    Horizontal Type Mask Tool = T
    Horizontal Type Tool = T
    Impressionist Brush = B
    Lasso = L
    Line Tool = U
    Magnetic Lasso = L
    Polygonal Lasso = L
    Magic Eraser Tool = E
    Magic Wand Tool = W
    Move Tool = V
    Paint Bucket Tool = K
    Pattern Stamp Tool = S
    Pencil Tool = N
    Polygon Tool = U
    Quick Selection Tool = A
    Rectangle Tool = U
    Rectangular Marque Tool = M
    Red Eye Removal Tool = Y
    Rounded Rectangle Tool = U
    Selection Brush Tool = A
    Shape Selection Tool = U
    Sharpen Tool = R
    Smudge Tool = R
    Spot Healing Brush Tool = J
    Sponge Tool + O
    Straighten Tool = P
    Vertical Type Mask Tool = T
    Vertical Type Tool = T
    Zoom Tool = Z

    These are no doubt the same in Photoshop CS2/3/4.

    If someone else wants to contribute the Ctrl+letter codes (e.g. Copy Background as Layer (Ctrl+j) please, be my guest, below.
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    Re: PS Elements Keyboard Shortcuts


    Since you asked ..... here is a 4 page pdf of keyboard shortcuts for Photoshop CS4 [attached].

    A little "bedtime reading"


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    Re: PS Elements Keyboard Shortcuts

    Quote Originally Posted by RobO View Post
    A little "bedtime reading"

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