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Thread: New Monitor

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    New Monitor

    I know this question had been asked a million times but technology advances and many new toys appear every day, so it is my turn to ask now.
    My monitor is LG Flatron E 2350V.It’s OK for everyday use, but not exactly a photographic piece of equipment.
    According to my Spryder it covers 88% of sRGB, 64% of NTSC and 68% of Adobe RGB gamut.
    My questions are:
    1. With these parameters, do I have to look for something better in terms of image processing?
    2. With a budget of $300-400 in mind, what would be the best choice for a mid-range 23”-24” “photo” monitor?
    I don’t insist on a specific brand but rather on the best quality for the money, so I’ll be open for any suggestion.

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    Re: New Monitor

    I went with a "big bucks NEC" for my Photoshop work, but I trust these guys reviews.

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    Re: New Monitor

    I am not going to recommend any specific brand monitor but will highly recommend that you get the largest monitor you can afford and which will fit your work-space (deliberate pun)...

    I went from a old 23-inch monitor to a flat-screen 23" NEC and was very disappointed at how small my images showed on this size monitor because, although it was wider than my previous monitor, it was not as tall. I was actually quite happy when the NEC (suprisingly) bit the dust after only two years of use.

    I now work with a 27-inch monitor (not NEC) which I love.

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    Re: New Monitor

    This one was highly recommended on another forum - by someone that seems to know what they are talking about:

    As was this one:

    I'm currently (still) using a NEC Multisync 1970 GX which my son gave me for my birthday about 8 or 9 years ago. Still looks great, but a bit small by today's standards.

    I'm seriously considering the first one (Viewsonic).

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    Re: New Monitor

    Hi Jordan, I purchased this monitor a few weeks ago and love it. I don't know what the availability is in your area but here in the US I purchased for $289.99 US dollars. This one got very good US reviews.


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    Re: New Monitor

    Again wont recommend models/brand especially since don't know your needs from colour accuracy, softproof print work needs, response time needs for none photo editing work etc so just give a few considerations. Higher pixel density in bigger size is a consideration for photo work IMO, some bigger 27" screens are only 1920×1080 which is too low for some editing especially close up but YMMV as not all reviewers/consumers notice it.

    2560×1600 (or 1660 in some models) screens in 27" are good but 2560 x 1440 is similar. I prefer the 16:10 over 16:9 ratios but it's not mega difference where as 2560x compared to 1920x res is noticable to many in 27" sizes.

    Also IPS screens have more forgiving viewing angles but come in many types and it's not Tn bad IPS good like in the past. Many H-IPS and S-IPS are more expensive than cheaper IPS like e-IPS and often have wider gamuts, they are true 8bit (or 10bit in the VERY expensive end), these WILL need calibrating properly though. The cheaper IPS panels although have good view angle are often just e-IPS 6bit + FRC to boost colours which is more limited gamut wise but fine for many if you're not printing a lot and mainly producing images for web where sRGB is your staple anyway.

    Although cheapest of cheap TN panels are horrid there are many quality TN panels nowadays and MVA and so on that are pretty good match to the more affordable IPS panels. Obviously these are cheaper options that wont match the high end 8 and 10bit IPS for colour accuracy but they tend to be true faster response without the overdrive issues and so on so are a better option for some who need a multipurpose screen.

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