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Thread: newbie question

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    newbie question

    I am trying to make the transition from iphoto/jpeg to lightroom 4/raw and finding the language confusing.
    Is there an industry standard definition of terms such as "saturation, contrast, definition" etc. At the moment
    I feel that I am pushing sliders left or right without any real understanding of what might improve my images.
    Links to books/websites much appreciated. Thanks


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    Re: newbie question

    Kieth ole don't need us, you need to use your keyboard. Google and YouTube is the only training that I have ever had.

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    Re: newbie question

    Keith, thanks for asking the question!
    I can't help you though , I need the answer too. Was fooling with IPhoto recently and had similar thoughts..

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    Re: newbie question

    This one contain definitions of words used in photography should help you out with that end of it.

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    Re: newbie question

    Thanks for your replies, it's appreciated. It looks like I'll just have to do my homework Thanks also for the links Carl, I'll work through them.


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    Re: newbie question

    Quote Originally Posted by KeithM View Post
    It looks like I'll just have to do my homework
    I hope you're able to stick with this, Keith. At the start it all sounds nonsense. All these terms and definitions and acronyms ... when all you want to do is make pictures.

    But, take it from someone who's made the journey, it is very well worth it. Once you get an understanding of the basic concepts, ideas, techniques, things start taking-off at a much faster pace. It's about getting the building blocks in place. Once you've got them in order, the rest of the project looks a lot easier.

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    Re: newbie question

    Your Welcome Keith,

    Don't be afraid to ask questions here on CiC, it's the best place you could ever be on the net. I'm still learning and not too far ahead of you but lovin every moment now. With the summer heat about to clear out I will be getting out a little more with the camera. Hope to see some of your work here soon.

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    Re: newbie question

    Thanks for your encouragement Donald and Carl, I am sure I will have plenty more questions.

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